The European Commission has decided to extend the freedom of the Single...

The European Commission has decided to extend the freedom of the Single Market to the digital industry by promoting growth and employment in Europe


The primary objective of the Commission is to remove the barriers limiting digital services within national borders, as well as to make unified and organic the legal fabric, so far very fragmented and heterogeneous, in terms of data protection, among the countries of the EU, standardizing the protection of these rights regardless of where the data are processed.

The Reform for the development of a real strategy of Digital Single Market in the Union aims to improve the access to goods and digital services by consumers and businesses, to create an environment that promotes the spread of networks and digital services, and to foster a European digital economy and society with long-term growth potential.

The reform consists of two different instruments: Regulation and Directive. The proposal for Regulation will allow individuals to more effectively control the security of their personal data and their free movement, from the online trades to keeping our social relations through the tools offered by new technologies. The proposal for Directive aims to prevent, counter and suppress digital crimes.