The first vertical aeroponic vegetable garden comes on the market. 200 plants...

The first vertical aeroponic vegetable garden comes on the market. 200 plants in a single square meter, equivalent to 180 kg of vegetables per year.


The technological system can also be placed on the balcony and it will automatically provide for watering and nourishing plants.

It is called Veve – Vertical Veggies the first vertical garden for domestic use commercialized in Europe. It can be purchased exclusively on until January 31: “We opted for the crowdfunding campaign – Matteo Sansoni, creator of Veve explains – because we believe it is an excellent channel to finance the revolution of vegetables production in urban areas. Thanks to Veve, every citizen with a balcony can produce on its own natural and “zero cm” healthy food. The cost is not to be feared: in less than 3 years, you will balance costs and help the environment. Producing real organic vegetables, of which you will be the certifiers!”.

In only one square meter 200 plants can be grown, the equivalent of a horizontal garden of more than 20 square meters. According to the initial tests, thanks to aeroponic technology plants absorb more nutrients, increasing productivity. Veve produces an average of about 180 kg of fruits, vegetables and herbs for cooking. It is recommended for a healthy diet because it produces 100% natural vegetables: the final product will be delivered in the spring, in time for the first harvest.