In the world they are growing, but in Italy renewables are declining

In the world they are growing, but in Italy renewables are declining


Coordinamento Free reports the shortcomings of the government policy for the drop in production from renewable sources that emerges from the Terna official data 2015

Coordinamento Free (Fonti Rinnovabili ed Efficienza Energetica) brings together 25 partners including Legambiente, Kyoto Club, WWF, Greenpeace, Adiconsum arguing that the origin of the decline in production of electricity from renewable sources officially registered in Italy by Terna is responsibility of the government: «A legal basis is lacking, with measures for non-photovoltaic Renewable, which have been expected in vain for over a year; the legislative stability is lacking, and legal certainty that had led to the flight of foreign capital and the mistrust of our own entrepreneurs; the administrative coordination is lacking, with regions that continue to produce in spite of measures to fundamental constitutional principles.

The Coordinamento enphasizes that, on the other hand, in the US Enel Green Power will implement the new wind power facility of Drift Sand, Oklahoma. In Brazil, Enerray, owned subsidiary of Seci Energia, has won the tender for the creation of the solar park of Ituverava, in the State of Bahia; and in France and Germany, last October the Italian ERG has detected 17 wind farms with an additional installed capacity of 206 Mw. And we should not forget our excellence in Concentrating Solar Power developed by Nobel prize Rubbia with Enea, that Italy is implementing in China, in Japan, in the Gulf.