EU promotes a platform for sustainable restructuring

EU promotes a platform for sustainable restructuring

foto Christina Claeson Jonsson

Twenty partners from eight countries, in the E2REBUILD project to help guide the renovation projects in cold climates for energy efficiency

«The platform of E2REBUILD project – explains coordinator Christina Claeson-Jonsson, director of R&S at NCC Construction in Sweden – collects the latest energy restructuring methods to help construction companies, real estate organizations and architects to understand how the modern industrial processes can save money by reducing construction and energy costs».

E2REBUILD project (Industrialised energy efficient retrofitting of resident buildings in cold climates) can be compared to the technical platforms used, for example, in the automotive industry, which provide a structure for product development, processes and operationIn the field of energy renovation of buildings, however, this approach is rarely or never used.

The different strategies have been virtually tested in some construction sites in several EU countries: « We have achieved positive results by not focusing on a single product, solution or method, instead integrating the various proposed solutions in a platform – says Claeson-Jonsson – This platform can be enhanced incrementally, and allows adjustments to meet future regulatory changes, new technologies and methods».