Virtual tools for agri-food safety in Europe

Virtual tools for agri-food safety in Europe


Plantfoodsec project creates a network to protect agriculture and plants from biological agents that may contaminate the European food supply chain

The project has elaborated a set of tools to strengthen the capacity to prevent threats for the European agri-food system, responding and recovering in the event of a biological accident or terrorist or criminal activities.

The Plantfoodsec tool of risk assessment allows to make quick assessments of agro-terrorist scenarios, indicating the effects of the possible methods of prevention and mitigation. Nearly 100 are the scenarios taken into consideration, covering a wide range of possible causes, biological agents, paths and receptor systems, in order to provide a comparative measure of risk.

The project has created a virtual diagnostic network, a database of diagnostic laboratories and experiences of the 28 EU member states. Described by the project as a pillar in the field of food biosafety and plants, the virtual center includes a network of research centers, universities and other relevant stakeholders. The network will enhance the capability for preparedness, response and recovery in the event of intentional and accidental threats to agricultural, farming and agro-food industry biosecurity in Europe.