Europe goes fast in the field of renewable energy

Europe goes fast in the field of renewable energy


Italy is among the nine most virtuous countries: six years in advance, end of 2014, it exceeded the national goal of 17.1% assigned by the end of the decade

The data released by Eurostat on progress towards the European target on renewable energy say that already at end of 2014 EU was covering 16% of its final energy demand with renewables. The target of meeting with clean sources 20% of all final consumption by 2020 is therefore at less than four percentage points. Essentially, in ten years from 2004, when it was at 8.5%, the share of renewables in the EU has nearly doubled and the target set for 2030, reaching the 27%, seems easy to reach.

The new Eurostat dossier shows how other 8 countries have already gone beyond what they needed to do: Sweden is already at 52.6% of a 2020 target of 49%. Among the latest countries, on the other hand, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. There are also members such as Finland, which, despite having already exceeded cleanly the target in 2020, in 2014 has seen the share of renewables growing at twice the rate against the EU average.

Italy, reached the target in 2014, has grown less than half the European average due at the end of incentives for photovoltaics and for the collapse of 75% on the previous year of wind energy installations.