Indian government spends $14 billion for smart cities

Indian government spends $14 billion for smart cities

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One hundred “smart cities” and fifty “solar cities” will revolutionize India in the biggest challenge to innovation for one of the most populous urban fabrics in the world

India has drawn up the “Smart Cities Mission” program, with a fund of $14 billion, for the urban renewal of over 500 city centers, one hundred of which must become real laboratories for new communication, mobility and environment technologies.

“In the next 10-15 years – said Minister for Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu – these cities will emerge as key technological and social hubs for the country. We believe that service providers that expect to be serious players in this transformation process will have a center forward position in the projects to be carried out.”

Besides that, India steps on the accelerator even on photovoltaic energy with the “Solar City Programme” which aims to reduce by 10% the electricity demand from conventional sources in the next five years. Agartala pilot project, in Tripura region, north-east India acts as a pathfinder: here all the work has begun by upgrading, with photovoltaics, the systems for the production of hot water in all the hotels, public and institutional buildings, schools, commercial spaces, hospitals and health centers, temples and private residences of politicians. Among the planned actions on energy, even the replacement of the lights of built-up areas with LED or low-power elements.