Technological and digital solutions for creative industries

Technological and digital solutions for creative industries

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Exhausted in February the CRE-AM project, funded by the EU, which has created a bridge between European creative industries, information and communication technologies

The CRE-AM project has built many online platforms targeted to stakeholders. The intention is to encourage the EU’s future agenda related to R&D in the ICT sector in order to develop new tools to support the creative industries. To accurately assess the technological needs, both present and future, of the creative industries, the CRE-AM project has undertaken a number of investigations that included interviews with prominent thought leaders within each specific creative sector.

This process has enabled the project to propose separate plans of action, and customized for industries that deal with art, architecture, design, video games, media and electronic publishing. In particular, the action plan dedicated to videogames says that it is of crucial importance for European technology companies to develop their own solutions and digital infrastructure, including Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT). This would allow the EU’s videogames industry to compete better in the global context.
The CRE-AM recommendations will contribute to current and future EU policy initiatives that aim to strengthen and support the European creative industries, which are estimated to represent at least the 3% of total EU GDP.