Electrical appliances consume 50% of the energy of the house

Electrical appliances consume 50% of the energy of the house

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A project funded by the EU focuses on eco-design of integrated systems for families to save amounts of heat and water
Main goal of the Green Kitchen project (network for strategic industry-academia research on energy efficiency, optimized resources use and process innovation of home appliances and their domotic integration), funded by the EU, was to set up a research network on energy efficiency and optimized use of knowledge still fragmented among a wide multiplicity of academic and industrial organizations.

The project partners, focusing on domotics, rated the waste heat generated by widespread appliances in EU countries and planned modeling tools for energy storage systems suitable for kitchens, proposing a working prototype of the heat storage.

The GREEN KITCHEN team pointed to the integration of eco-design of refrigerators and dishwashers, in order to recover the heat generated by refrigerators to use it later to preheat the water of the dishwashers. An innovative project of domestic oven able to reduce electricity consumption by up to 20% has been tested. Lastly, a prototype of software for domotic units has been developed, able to provide users with feedback on actual energy use and potential savings.