Toyota Motor bets on hydrogen, but produced from the wind

Toyota Motor bets on hydrogen, but produced from the wind

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To produce clean fuel we must spend in energy: for the Japanese giant, the future lies in the sustainability of the supply chain and studies the wind

Toyota has reached an agreement with the city government of Yokohama and Kawasaki to harness the electricity generated by the local wind farm to power the process of electrolysis of water from which oxygen and hydrogen are obtained. The latter will be compressed and transported to some target sites: a factory, a fruit market and two warehouses, to power twelve fuel cell forklift trucks.

Also the government of Kanagawa Prefecture, the electronics company Toshiba Corp and provider Iwatani Corp have joined the project. The company explained that, with the supply of low-carbon hydrogen, they plan to “reduce CO2 emissions of forklift trucks by at least 80% compared to a supply based on petrol or through power lines”.

After the first african solar bus, the Toyota plan aims to bring on the market 30 thousand hydrogen vehicles and 1.5 million hybrid cars by 2020. In addition, they will focus on a small production of fuel cell buses by 2017. Moreover, they plan to clear, as much as possible, the CO2 emissions generated by their own factories by 2050.