New York chooses biophilia and plants one million trees

New York chooses biophilia and plants one million trees

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An urban forest will play a positive role among the residents to help reduce stress and strengthen self-esteem, mood and activity of the parasympathetic system

“MillionTrees NYC” is a public-private program that was realized by planting one million new trees throughout the city over the past decade embracing the scientific hypothesis of biophilia proposed by Edward O. Wilson. According to the definition given by Wilson, biophilia is “the innate tendency to focus our attention on forms of life and everything that recalls them and, in some circumstances, being emotionally affiliated to them”. In addition to the large green spaces, lungs of the cities, biophilia focuses on the value of the so-called “urban acupuncture” interventions, the BUAs. Threads and knots of interventions in specific urban places that can help improve the mood of people, connect them to the living space and help to improve mental health.

With the same philosophy, New York has strongly focused on the multi-sensory experience of water, not only by amplifying the presence of natural mirrors such as lakes and ponds, rivers and streams. To help people to become aware of their surroundings and to enhance the experience of living the city, water features were realized: water walls, fountains, aquariums and water imagery.

Finally art: Times Square will see the temporary installation of urban forest, creating an urban oasis for wildlife, so to help New Yorkers to get more familiar with the nature of their surrounding areas in the city center.