Even small cars will be able to park autonomously

Even small cars will be able to park autonomously


Bosch has announced that it wants to introduce an innovative generation of its Parking Assist, to simplify the motorist’s life, only on luxury cars



Bosch, the leading supplier of components for the automotive industry, is developing a technology that will follow two directions, connected with the development in computer terms and of autonomous driving. On one hand, the new generation systems will shorten the time needed to find a free parking lot, by using sensors mounted in the free stalls, on the road or in indoor garages. A map showing the free parking lots will be available for the motorist and may be consulted by the navigation system, which can then indicate the way to the nearest free stall.

On the other hand, Bosch is working to optimize the sensors intended for self-driving cars, which will head autonomously towards the nearest parking lot: the car must be able to move in confined spaces without damaging the cars in the vicinity.

The investments made by the German Bosch are justified by the demands of the automotive market, now hand in glove with driver assistance systems: This year the Bosch division called Mobility Solutions will reach a turnover of over one billion euros.