Singapore first electrical minibus without driver

Singapore first electrical minibus without driver

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The SMRT public transport company, together with Dutch manufacturer “2getthere”, launches a project for more than 8000 passengers per hour on 24 seats automated guided vehicles.

By the end of the year, the electric minibuses should be put on the road, although they are not ready to travel independently through the streets of the busy metropolis. For now, they will simply travel on the safer roads, such as those within a community protected by barriers or a campus.

The design is very similar to that of other automatic guided vehicles built by “2getthere”: from 2010 in Abu Dhabi, in the technology park of Masdar, these automatic “wagons” carry each between 4 and 6 people, and in 2014 the system crossed the milestone of one million passengers.

“2getthere” also built a similar system for Rivium Business Park in Rotterdam, equipped with six automated guided minibuses which can carry 20 passengers each. According to the company, they are used by 2,500 users per day.

For now always limiting itself to predefined paths and where the interaction with other vehicles is limited, but the aim of the research of all major car manufacturers is oriented towards better performing sensors and able to drive the vehicle even on the most crowded streets.