At the Architecture Biennale, the novelty is a bird’s nest

At the Architecture Biennale, the novelty is a bird’s nest

bioluminescenza biennale

Israel also calls Dan Shechtman, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and tells the future drawing inspiration from the creations of nature combined with super materials from the most advanced research.

The “heart” of the exhibition of the Israeli pavilion is the “LifeObject”. Architecture copying nature is called “biomimicry”, and the seven architects and scientists invited by the curators of the Israeli exhibition have given us a broad example of this by creating, in “human scale”, a 3D scan of a bird’s nest.

Therefore if, on one hand, the “new visions for the future”, presented for a world that – write the curators –

is increasingly defined by geographical and political instability”,

involve nanomaterials and even methodologies for the treatment of cancer, on the other hand the Israeli research laboratory looks to biology and urban structures inspired by the intimate structure of matter.

This “familiarity” of the exposed projects makes them fascinating even for the casual observer. But the Israeli research goes far beyond coming to genetically modify a protein that become bioluminescent in the event of pollution of water, air, soil or food. Science fiction research that might arise from nature, yet immediately betraying it, willing to radically change it.