Besides urban gardens, it comes the “bag” cultivation

Besides urban gardens, it comes the “bag” cultivation


Leaf vegetables and herbs grow by themselves, without any external intervention, inside the packaging in which they will then be sold, in a controlled microclimate

Who said that the greenhouse effect could not be used to provide feeding with the guarantee of the highest level of hygiene? The idea is by ViVi BV, a new Dutch company: within the microperforated bag, there is all it takes to grow the product, water and the nutrients in the right proportions. There is no need of pests, because insects, pathogens, fungi, cannot enter the packaging.

Throughout the entire cultivation time, there is no need of any external intervention and anyone, even without any experience in the cultivation of plants, can bring home his/her own bag: the plant will grow in its packaging and the only requirement for those wishing to buy it before ripening is a sunny balcony or a lED lighting system.

ViVi is a joint venture between the Dutch companies Visser Horti Sistemi and Vitro plus. It has three divisions for each area of expertise: ViViPak for engineering and sales of growth packaging; ViViTec focuses on the designing, engineering and marketing of ViCabin; ViViLab tests and develops new farming methods.