Google’s artificial intelligence finds home in Zurich

Google’s artificial intelligence finds home in Zurich


“We want to restore the balance of expertise between Mountain View and Europe” and so they are looking for a few hundred researchers for whom “talent is the only limitation”.

Google has decided to place its first laboratory of artificial intelligence research outside the United States in Zurich, Switzerland, and to entrust it to the direction of Emmanuel Mogenet. The priority task will be to program a machine learning application to be included in the various Google products.

The hypothesis might seem science fiction, except that there will be the best continental brains working around the project, and that in 2014 Google acquired (and for 400 million pounds!) the most quoted British artificial intelligence startup, also hiring 250 experts in London. With the new Zurich team, the Californian company is accumulating a formidable concentration of worldwide IA talents.

The stated goal is to “build” a personal assistant able to answer to any questions in an intelligent way. And this from our mobile phone, from the Google homepage and, why not, from the navigation system of our car.

Google is just one of the protagonists of the big AI race: Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Amazon are buying startups AI around the world and in particular in Europe.