An environment friendly mobility

An environment friendly mobility


If you have traveled the Veneto the past few weeks, certainly you have already seen them: two Citroën C-Zero, originally white, but now covered by a series of writings and logos. The more curious may have come closer to read and must have thought that they were vehicles for promoting the first edition of D-nest International Inventors Exhibition, at PalaExpo Venezia, from October 13 to 16.

100% Greenpower

But the purpose, with which the two cars are out on the roads of Veneto, is not just promotional: Stefano Boldrin gave, in fact, the opportunity to demonstrate that our future is not that far away, and can indeed already be here, because the C-Zero is a fully electric propelled citycar, sold in dealerships and projected on the urban mobility of an ever closer future, when thinking about burning fossil fuels in urban areas will be no longer possible; electric is at the same time the most relevant and possible choice for the future.

Speed and savings

Despite a length of just 347 cm, the space is adequate for four adults, and performances are well above the requirements of a compact car: a 67 horse-power engine, agility, cornering stability and road holding are guaranteed but, if the emissions are zero, as the name of the vehicle states, very close to zero is also the cost per kilometer: with a charge to a standard electrical outlet, up to six hours, you can easily run through 150 km which, if you think about it, are two if not three times what a motorist normally do in a day.

more capacitive accumulators may soon arrive and electronics may further improve the performance, but the path seems now manifest: cars such as Citroën C-Zero are the future of mobility and all car manufacturers are turning to solutions of this kind.

That’s why the agreement between BoldrinAuto and “D-nest International Inventors Exhibition” was a deliberate and forced choice: planning for the future requires the courage to be consistent, especially when it comes to travel a road respectful of environmental balance.