Underwater vegetable gardens and videogames in schools: is this future?

Underwater vegetable gardens and videogames in schools: is this future?


As in the most consolidated Venetian tradition, important things are discussed in front of a spritz, and not even an innovative event such as the “D-nest International Inventors Exhibition” (PalaExpoVenice, from October 13 to 16, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, right at the entrance of Ponte della Libertà to Venice) has been able to escape this convivial form of approach to the most serious arguments..

Innovation aperitifs with Paolo Volpe

Here then is that, as we already wrote, the weekend will be characterized by the “innovation aperitifs” together with Anthropodesigner and Human Interior Designer Paul Volpe, opportunity to talk about neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, and all matters related to the individual and its growth.


Orto di Nemo: growing basil underwater!

But right from opening day, Thursday, October 13 at 6:30 pm, the Sala Leonardo will host a very bizarre idea: growing basil underwater! Define it as you want, but the essence is that the result is positive. Testing is conducted by Ocean Reef, company based in California and Genova.

It manufactures underwater equipment and is led by Sergio Gamberini: off the coasts of Noli, in the province of Savona, he is proving that it is possible to grow plants at 8 meters in depth. They called it “Orto di Nemo”: it is an underwater greenhouse, operating since 2012, with surprising results so that the first seeds of basil have begun to sprout after just 48 hours.

The system has many advantages, starting by the absence of insects or other contaminants; furthermore, the temperature is almost stable and the greenhouse condenses the air inside actually forming fresh water. The project is now trying to diversify the productions and to maintain its competitive cost to make the system suitable for large-scale productions.

Learning innovation

On Friday 14, again at 6:30 pm at Sala Leonardo, the protagonist will be the professor who teaches videogames at school. It may seems crazy, but if the professor is Alfonso D’Ambrosio, “Innovative teacher 2015” at Global Junior Challenge of Rome, then a fascinating journey from mechanics to dynamic, from magnetism to quantum is to be expected. The 38 year-old graduate in theoretical physics teaches in a high school of Monselice, in the province of Padua: with him, the students become active participants and, by discovering the unexpressed potential of a common smartphone, they lead experiences of great scientific value.

An example? The environmental sensors of the mobile phone we keep in your pocket can get to measure natural radioactivity and cosmic rays: and you can rest assured that in Italy there are no high schools that have sufficient equipment. Also, with coding and robotics, students can invent math experiences, create educational games, develop dynamic geometry models.

There is so much to look forward from an aperitif with a teacher who is able to overthrow the mechanism of a school that is, to some extent, linked to an outdated vision of knowledge. On the other hand an exhibition of inventions and innovations is the perfect place to enlarge the view, break the rules and be a little visionary. With the priority that always informs the Venetian appointment of “D-nest International Inventors Exhibition”: the attention paid to the inventors, to the persons who design the future and share their dream with, and through, the world of production.